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The VIP CLUB has the best pricing in 15 years when you place a VIP CLUB order for 2, 3, 4 or more Cases. Remember, you only ship 1 case at a time as needed. No need to try to store multiple cases.

However, sometimes it is just not in the budget to pay for more than one order at a time. So, we came up with a solution to make things a little easier financially.

We are going to give you a special Promo Code that you can use all year long, one order at a time.

Introducing our VIP Discount Code

The promo code is VIPCLUB. Use this on our website during checkout.

This will Save you $10.00 on ALL Gallon Orders and Cases of 6 Half Gallons. It will also Save you $5.00 on all 2 Half Gallon Orders. Priority and FedEx shipping.

If you want to SAVE BIG, call in and order a VIP CLUB order of 2 cases, it will double the discount and Save you $20.00 per 4 gallon case.

OR, if you do the 4 cases of gallons, it will $ave you $25.00 per case. That's a $100.00 saving over the next 4 orders. This brings your 4 gallon case price to only $132.00 per case. The exact same price we had in 2002!

Remember, you only need to ship 1 case at a time.

VIP CLUB Clothing Bonus!

You also get a FREE clothing item up to a $20 value with every NEW VIP CLUB order, just for the asking.

We think of you the same way we do our own families. So, PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do better to serve you. We are listening!

Ready? Send us an email at

Are You a Competitive Athlete?

If you are a competitive athlete and want to be Sponsored By Egg Whites International, join our Egg Team Limited Sponsorship Program and these VIP prices are even lower!

To join our Egg Team send email to

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