Shipping Information!

We ONLY ship to the U.S.A (All 50 States)

Because our product is shipped Freshly Frozen, people in other countries need us to ship Overnight Express. The cost of that is much more than the cost of the Egg Whites. Therefore, it is not cost effective at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Method of Shipment

Egg Whites are Shipped Fresh-Frozen via FedEx Ground or Priority Mail. All orders are processed within 24 hours. However, we hold East Coast orders to Ship out on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid sitting in a hot truck over the weekend. This is more critical during the summer months. Egg Whites are shipped in a special cooler box designed to protect them for up to 10 days. Your egg whites may arrive frozen, partially frozen, or thawed - this is normal and to be expected. Refrigerate at once and be sure to read the instructions when they arrive!

Alaska & Hawaii Shipping

We can only ship the Priority 2 pack of Half Gallons to Ak & Hi. These go thru the Post Office in a 2 to 3 Day Priority Mail Box to homes and P.O. Boxes. We can not ship the Gallon Size, because they are too big for the Priority Box. If we ship FedEx, the shipping cost is 5 times more expensive. If you want to save money, call in and order multiple 2 packs and we will discount each box by $5.00.

Want to Save Money on Shipping?

Look at the NEW Variety Pack and larger Gallon orders. If you are not sure what fits in your refrigerator the best, You can always start out buy ordering the NEW Variety Starter Pack that come with 2 gallons and 2 half gallons. If the half gallon fits the best, save the empties to use as refill bottles. Then order the gallons to save money.

The cost per gallon when you buy the half gallon sizes to ship Priority Mail or FedEx Ground is much higher than the gallon size would cost shipped FedEx.

When you buy the gallon size over the most expensive Priority Half Gallons, you...

SAVE $17.00 per gallon when you buy 2 gallons
SAVE $22.00 per gallon when you buy 4 gallon case
SAVE $24.25 per gallon when you buy 8 gallon case

Please call us for volume discounts.

Our Liquid Egg Whites are
100% Pure !


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