Sponsored Egg Team Athletes


Kristine Duba - Makes a Huge Difference !

"Eggwhites International has made it easy for me to get the amount of protein I need in my diet in order to train my hardest and perform my best on the IFBB Fitness stage. I have a busy and very physically demanding job as a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and gymnastics coach. It is not uncommon for me to teach upwards of 15 classes a week on top of my training for fitness competitions. When I am on the go, it is crucial for me to get the right kind nutrients in order to maintain lean muscle and stay energized. Eggwhites International helps me achieve this daily, and for that I am thankful!

My two favorite things about Eggwhites INT is: one, the convenience of having a pre-meausred pump (1 pump is 1 oz, 1 eggwhite, and 3.25g of protein!) so I always know how many grams of protein I am getting and two, the fact that I can use this in any beverage, smoothie, protein shake, or even my cereal... they don't have to be cooked! It's like having liquid protein at my disposal in a super high quality form! It's the small things in life that make a difference and this is one of those small things that makes a HUGE difference!"

-Kristine Duba / IFBB Fitness Pro, Fitness Model, CPT, Fitness Instructor

Sebastian Lewis - Most Sustainable Source of Protein !

"I use egg whites to help me burn fat and get the most sustainable source of protein that you can get so that I can build muscle mass at the same time. I love the product and it's great and you can add it to any beverage or you can just drink it alone."

- Sebastian Lewis, C.E.O Beautiful Bodies Health and Fitness Training

Saroj Corr - A Huge Staple in My Diet !

"I started using Egg Whites International as a competitor soon after my very first Bikini Body Building Competition. I love the fact that it is pasteurized and lasts in the freezer for 3 months. It saves me money as I buy 2 half gallon or 1 gallon at a time. I mix it daily with my oatmeal and protein and drink it as a shake. It also makes amazing fluffy omelettes and scrambled eggs. Since its flavorless and does not have the eggy flavor, I also add Walden Farm syrups, scramble and and add to oatmeal for a sweet treat in the mornings.

I am a masters bikini athlete, 2X nationally qualified and currently enjoying my off season, bulking and building more mass in preparation for my 2017 season. Egg Whites International is a huge staple in my diet."

- Saroj Corr / Masters Bikini Athlete

Ian Gentile - I'm In The Best Shape Of My Life !

"Normally, I would never have interest in an opportunity sucha s this. However, this product has truly changed the way I live my life. I'm eating healthier, training smarter, and building muscle unlike any other time of my life. Although I've always been fit, I have truly committed to the bodybuilding and weightlifting lifestyle for the past 6 years. Now, at age 30, I'm in the best shape of my life and about to embark on a strength training regime that will ultimately culminate in my competing in my first powerlifting competition.

In my professional life, I work in player development for the top professional hockey league in North America. Suffice to say, I am surrounded by world class athletes. I know and have experienced firsthand, what it takes to be the best. It takes a total commitment from the weight room to the board room to the ice and beyond.

Perhaps we can get together and come up with some creative ways to influence others to adopt a healthier lifestyle -- I am motivated to help others change their lives, their diets, and their health.

In my social circles, I've become known as the 'egg whites guy'. My friends get the biggest kick out of me buying my egg whites online by the box-full. But, their loving teasing tends to stop once they see the changes in my physique and the progress I've made in the weight room."

- Ian Gentile / Player Development

Michael Alfieri - I endorse and recommend them to everyone !

"At 52 I need the best protein available and I found it with Egg Whites International. I use them everyday in my shakes and I love an evening omelet. In over 35 years being involved in the fitness world I have tried numerous protein powders, shakes, bars and drinks! These egg whites surpass any quality proteins I've used, and the taste of these egg whites are like butter in your mouth!

I've been a fitness trainer and model for many years, and with these egg whites I'm given the opportunity to stay looking and feeling great for another 35 years! I endorse and recommend them to everyone! The best!"

- Michael Alfieri / Professional Fitness Trainer & Model

Jason Carwile - You Can't Go Wrong !

"I can not believe the quality of protein in this product from Egg Whites International! I love it, I mix it with my post-workout shake, also love scrambling some egg whites up for my meal prep. Good source of protein and easy to incorporate in my daily macros. As a natural competitor and personal trainer, sometimes convenience is a huge part of daily life. This is perfect product to do just that.

I refer and encourage all my clients to try Egg Whites International. I also put some with my coffee, great way to get high quality filtered protein in a drink you enjoy! So easy, no mess, measuring pump for keeping track off protein for contest prep. You can't go wrong!"

- Jason Carwile / NASM CPT, Competitive Bodybuilder

Michelle Kyparisis - Wow, What a Great Prize !

"I love Egg White's International liquid egg whites! I was lucky enough to try the product after winning a gift certificate at the show where I received my Pro Card. I was intrigued by the company and I also thought, Wow what a great prize. I really appreciate companies that support natural athletes, and Egg Whites International has great products and a solid reputation. I love the convenience of the egg whites! No more buying cases of 2.5 dozen eggs just to throw away the yolks! I also like that I can stretch my protein powder to last longer, now I only use a 1/2 scoop and instead of water mix in a cup of liquid egg whites which has 26 grams of protein alone for an anabolic muscle boost.

It is also great to make iced coffee drinks with. I blend 1 cup egg whites, instant coffee, ice, and sugar free hazelnut syrup for a salmonella free and very delicious cool summer beverage. The recipes on the website are great and I am constantly coming up with creative ways to use liquid egg whites to get more protein in my diet."

- Michelle Kyparisis / DFAC Natural Figure Pro

Rich Tuma - I Highly Recommend It!

"I've been using Liquid Egg Whites International myself for my contest prep for this years IFBB Kentucky Pro and I highly recommend it. It is pure hundred percent egg whites with no artificial ingredients and 100 % clean. It mixes well with my RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY as a shake or food. I made omelettes, pancakes, recipes and even made my shakes with it mixing RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY just use 1/2 serving of it and mix it with one cup of Egg Whites International liquid egg whites in place of water. It will taste the same or better and adds 26g of pure real food protein to any drink. It compliments your RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY Protein and saves you money. The amino acids from these to make it a perfect food to have for anybody trying to build muscle and keep body fat low. I highly recommend people using liquid egg whites as part of their every day meal plan."

Rich Tuma / IFBB Pro Physique, RTN CEO

Karye McLendon - The Most Convenient Lean Protein Ever!

"I love the convenience and the simplicity of Egg Whites International egg whites. I have been approached by numerous other supplement companies that have asked me to represent or solicit their products. I always declined because I can not promote a product that I do not personally use and can stand behind 100%. Whether it was the chemical ingredients, artificial sugars, digestive issues, food allergies or trumped up claims of weight loss, I just could not honestly market the product. However, my whole family uses these Egg Whites.

They are tasteless, mix easily in beverages, microwave, scramble.... they are the most convenient lean protein ever! Not only do my younger children unknowing drink their extra protein in their milk, my older children and my husband use it daily for extra protein. They cause me no digestive issues that I invariably suffer from with whey concentrate or other egg whites. I am very happy to become an affiliate and spread the word about this company and their amazing product!"

- Karye McLendon / Fitness Universe Bikini Pro

Jeff Sousa - Taken to Another Level!

"My meals and protein intake have been taken to another level! Working out for 25 years and competing for over 10 years, Nutrition and Supplementation has always been extremely important to me! I've tried varies supplements and when I tasted Egg Whites International at the Orlando Europa expo, I was hooked!"

- Jeff Sousa / NPC National Bodybuilder

Liz Bornwasser - Fantastic Protein Drink!

"I absolutely love Egg Whites International! Not only are they great egg whites to cook with, but they're a fantastic protein drink! I love adding a pump or two to my coffee for a boost. Plus, when life gets hectic from constantly being on the go from work, to the gym, to posing lessons, and everything else in between, having my protein in liquid form other than as a shake is a lifesaver! I wholeheartedly recommend this product!"

- Liz Bornwasser / NPC Bikini Competitor

Kalah Walker - They Changed My Prep!

As a busy mom of two, wife, working as a registered nurse and prepping for a competition I was spending a fortune on the cartons of eggs whites at the store. Then I came across Egg Whites International, they have changed my prep! The convenience is amazing and the taste is even better! I save time every morning because one pump is an ounce so it's easy to measure out. I am not fumbling around with measuring cups anymore either, which is great!

- Kalah Walker / Bikini Competitor

Brody Reifenberg - Amazing Product!

"Taking this product has been the perfect way to add real food protein to my diet in a quick and easy way. It really cuts down on my food prep time and is great for dieting as well as bulking. I love mixing it with protein powder to have a protein-packed shake as well as instead of milk in cereal. I'm a proud EGG TEAM member and will definitely continue using this amazing product!"

Brody Reifenberg / Bodybuilder, Chronic Gainz YouTube Trainer

Rebecca Ward - Stoked I Found These Egg Whites!

"I am a figure competitor with a very sensitive stomach and digestion is a constant struggle especially closer to a show. This year I really honed in on learning what my body considered irritants. The one protein that never bothered me was egg whites so that's what I ate, seven meals a day for nearly two months as I competed in four shows all two weeks apart. I only wish I would have found Egg Whites International before the end of my season. I just discovered this product. I've done a ton of research and am blown away at the quality of this product.

I never used to be able to drink egg whites because of the slimy texture, but I was able to taste this product recently and I am ecstatic to say that the unfavorable texture doesn't exist! Now I can get the most benefits by drinking them instead of cooking and losing some of that pure protein. I am stoked that I found these egg whites! A diet full of egg whites helped me bring home trophies from every show this year and become NPC Nationally Qualified! Now I'm excited to see what a better quality of egg whites will do for the gains I plan for in the off season!

I am honored to be sponsored athlete for so many reasons, one being the fact that egg whites make up a huge portion of my diet because of my digestion issues. Also because I am passionate about baking and can't wait to incorporate this product into all my healthy creations! You can do so much with them and Egg Whites International will allow me to maximize the benefits and incorporate all that lovely protein. Here's to the future gains, CHEERS!"

- Rebecca Ward / Bikini Fitness Competitor

Robyn Maher - I Love Using Egg Whites International!

"As a competitive IFBB Bikini Pro and certified personal trainer/nutritionist, I use egg whites every single day! I love using Egg Whites International because I can get a large quantity of clean, fresh egg whites delivered right to my door! I not only eat them traditionally, but also as a quick protein drink and use them in all my healthy recipes. I feel good recommending Egg Whites International to my friends and clients because I know that I can trust the quality and the customer service that they will receive. Thank you so much Egg Whites International!"

- Robyn Maher / IFBB Pro, BS, NASM-CPT, FNS

Talla Amini - Changed My Life!

"Egg Whites International has always been a product that I have shared with my fitness community, family, and friends. It has not only changed my life, but has been a huge part of my diet prep, and success of achieving my health and fitness goals. This product is convenient for meal prep, easy to prepare! I can drink it pre and post training and it gives me the energy I need, and helps me recover from a hard workout!

I have been a athlete from a young age playing tennis and performing dance since the age of five. During college I decided to take on bodybuilding, and became a NPC bikini athlete. I have been competing since 2013 and made top 5 my first show, and this year I plan on doing it again! I am very happy to be part of Internal Egg Whites Team, and with the support this year there is going to be great progress and success as a NPC bikini athlete and fitness athlete in the next year!"

Talla Amini / NPC Bikini Competitor, Species Prep athlete, Save Fitness Athlete

Gary Erlandson - Quick, Easy, and Packed With Protein!

"When I was introduced to Egg Whites International, I was just happy not to be cracking eggs anymore, but your product is at another level. From the protein ratio, to the taste. They can't be beat. I have been drinking your egg whites every morning after cardio for the past 6 months. I'm so not a morning person, but I have never felt better. I started my girl friend on them an she agrees. They're quick, easy, and packed with protein!

There are times, I come home from the gym and just don't feel like eating. I can easily sub your egg whites for chicken, knowing I'm getting a pure protein intake that my body will use to rebuild muscle. I saw on one of your flyers. People were sending in pictures of themselves and how your liquid egg whites have helped them. Honestly!!

I believe them! I'm glad you offer us a chance to share how liquid egg whites, have become a part of our meal plans and have real beneficial properties!! I know liquid egg whites have helped me get stage ready for my BB competitions. No joke, I know what I'm getting when I use your product and it will continue to be part of my meal plan, for years to come. "

- Gary (BIG ERL 101) Erlandson / Bodybuilding Competitor

Vanessa Ortiz - Great Products and Solid Reputation!

"Wow, I really appreciate companies that support natural athletes, and Egg Whites International has great products and a solid reputation. I love the convenience of the egg whites! I used to pack my fridge with dozens of eggs just to throw away the yolks! Egg Whites International is a very convenient source of protein and the product itself is awesome. I love how versatile this product is giving me full range for creativity in the kitchen. I also like that I can stretch my protein powder to last longer, I can now only use a 1/2 scoop of powder and, instead of water, mix in a cup of liquid egg whites which has 26 grams of protein alone with no added chemicals. Since each pump is an oz I no longer need to measure it and shakes turn out nice, smooth, and delicious! Thanks Eggs Whites International you guys are the BEST!"

- Vanessa Ortiz / Fitness Model and Competitor

Madeline Emery - I Will Forever Be A Customer!

"Egg Whites International egg whites are completely different from the rest. Starting off, the product is priced well beyond reasonable. Me and my fiance spent an enormous amount of money on eggs and small egg white containers. We each eat over 9 egg whites a day. When we found out about Egg Whites International and the large quantities you buy we were beyond thrilled. We have saved so much money.

The egg whites taste fresh and the pump is INCREDIBLY convenient. My protein intake is over 200 grams a day, and your egg whites make it very easy to reach that goal daily. I don't have to cook them like regular eggs, I can put them in my oats, my drinks, anything; and this is all possible because they are tasteless! Goodbye to the days of worrying about meeting my protein and hello delicious new recipes for drinks with egg whites! Egg White International's egg whites have helped me in numerous ways. I will forever be a customer!"

Madeline Emery / Fitness Competitor

David Rosales - More Muscle and Staying Lean!

"I started using Egg Whites International three months ago, and I love how convenient it is to quickly have a shake that is filled with so much nutrition. I currently had my calorie intake set a little higher by my coach/nutritionist and this makes it so easy for me to be able to have more protein and not feel like I’m so full. It’s a great source of protein, it really is tasteless and best of all I am stacking on more muscle and staying lean! As a true believer in this product and as a personal trainer I recommended this product to my clients. They are happy with the fat they lost and the strength they have gained. Thank you so much Egg Whites International! You guys have awesome customer service and have a great product. I am extremely proud to be member of the 'Egg Team'!"

- David Rosales / Mens Physique competitor, UFE ELITE Fitness Model, Personal Trainer

Austin M. Carlisle - I Love It!

"I have used Egg Whites International for all of my protein shakes, and I love it! Mixes fantastic, great taste and I always have some with me! With balancing work, school, training and contest prep I highly recommend it to all the people I train with and work with in the fitness industry."

- Austin M. Carlisle / Bodybuilding Competitor

Alli Salibian - My Go To Protein!

"In My Own Training and on My Family's Table, It's My Go-to Protein

As the owner of a personal training studio and INBA Figure Champion, I am constantly checking my diet and my clients' diets to ensure we are all staying on track with our protein needs to meet our goals. Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle gain (or both), Egg Whites International egg whites are the purest form of protein to help break down the barriers and boost success. I'm never going to use/suggest protein powder again, now that I've been so successful with this product.

Additionally, I keep a balanced diet in the forefront of my mind when I'm preparing food for my family. For breakfast, I make egg white shakes for me and my husband, and I put egg whites in my children's cereal. We all get pure protein, no additional fat, and we are sure to get 12% more protein by drinking it, rather than cooking it. No more time-wasting hot breakfasts for us! Snacks, lunches and dinners all include our Egg Whites International egg whites in some form or another. As the chef of our household, it is the first ingredient I reach for when preparing our meals!"

- Alli Salibian / INBA Figure Athlete / 2013 & 2014 Masters Figure Champion

Kimberly Ross - Immediate Lover of the Product!

Kimberly Ross, affectionately known to many as Kimmy, is a board certified Registered Nurse and nationally certified Nurse Educator.

Kimberly has been a ZUMBA and Group Fitness enthusiast and instructor for five years, but has had an affinity towards music, dance, and fitness all of her life. She developed a more focused interest in fitness during her six years as a Captain in the United States Air Force. Kimmy is a personal trainer and is currently certified to teach several forms of group exercise classes, including ZUMBA, boot camps, strength training, and U Jam Fitness.

Kimmy established a strong following from her classes and social media, which led to the establishment of Kimmy F.I.T. Fitness, a brand committed to a host of fitness and wellness-related services. In May 2012, Kimmy trained herself and competed in the Women’s Figure division of the Texas Lone Star Musclemania Competition in Galveston, TX. This was her first body building competition. Kimmy took home multiple wins, including the overall championship title and later a Muscle Mania Pro card!

It was at this time that Kimmy was also introduced to Egg Whites International!! She became an immediate lover of the product. Later, Kimmy went on to place 1st in the Drop Zone Physique Showdown (April 2014) where she earned two pro cards and the Naturally Fit Games in Austin (July 2014) where she won her professional debut.

When she is not working or being a mommy to her pit bull terrier, Diamond, Kimmy is teaching classes, training and counseling clients, or preparing for her next show.

-Kimberly Ross / Pro Fitness Competitor

Mark Gederos - Way To Go!

"These 100% liquid egg whites help me day in and day out! I use them in between my meals and also after my workouts so I know that I'm getting the most recovery and muscle growth possible! I also use them for part of my protein pancake recipe, which makes these pancakes perfection! Making them fluffy and not dry what so ever!

They've helped me so much with my meal plans when I'm on my show prep and also with my body knowing that I'm getting nothing but the cleanest and purest protein in my body! Your 100% liquid egg whites are the way to go!!!"

-Mark Gederos / Bodybuilding Competitor

Mustafa Kabbani - I Love It!

"the packaging is so professional. Its been two days since they sent my order and the products are still cold. I tried it this morning and I can feel the difference. 1 scoop of hydrolyzed whey protein with one cup of Egg Whites International. The taste was amazing, mixed very well with my protein powder. I had no stomach issues whatsoever. In my opinion, this its the best way to get your daily protein. I love it."

-Mustafa Kabbani / Bodybuilding Competitor

Jed Thomas - I Am Extremely Satisfied!

"As a college student, quick and convenient are very important factors to our diets. As a college student and a powerlifter/strongman competitor, it is even harder to plan and prep my meals in between classes and my studies. Egg Whites International has made my life much easier with the ability to add 30 to 40 grams of protein to any meal on the go! No longer is my body missing out on crucial nutrients in between classes and my prep time has been cut in half. I am extremely satisfied with Egg Whites International as a whole, their customer service is exceptional, their product is top notch, and I am very excited to be a part of the egg team!"

-Jed Thomas / Strongman Competitor

Catherine Aranda - Best Protein Product I Have Ever Used!

"I am a competitor and personal trainer and have been using this product for years. This product is exceptional in taste and fulfills your protein requirements in a quick drink or I make crepes with it mixed with oats. This is the best protein product I have ever used! Everyone needs to order this and make it part of their daily diet. I eat about 160 grams of protein a day and two 8 oz. servings in between my meals helps to hit my daily protein requirements everyday without a problem." 

-Catherine Aranda / IFPA Pro bodybuilder, NGA Pro Women's Physique, NASM CPT

Andrea Libich - Thank You Egg Whites International!

"My whole life I've been overweight. I actually was teased a lot growing up because of my weight. There have been points in my life where I wasn't obese but I never really was fit. In 2007 I was at my highest weight, which was 196. I decided to start exercising and stop drinking regular soda pop. I lost about 20 pounds doing that, then we went to the Arnold Expo in March of the next year. I was completely embarrassed after entering a booth that advertised body fat scales to discover that my fat % was about 45% and my weight was near 170. For me, I am 5'1" with an EXTREMELY small bone structure so 170 is actually a lot of weight for me to carry around.

It was at that point that I realized I really needed to change my lifestyle. I went on a diet that summer for 5 months where I ate NOTHING but "clean" foods. During that time (which included my birthday, 10 year anniversary, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) I did NOT cheat once! I ended up getting down to a size 2! I realized it is a lifestyle change and I've managed to keep the weight off for almost 4 years now because 90% of the time, I eat clean. We purchased Egg Whites at the Arnold Expo for the first time too and they are an important component to my clean eating!

Now I am currently an athlete, racing BMX. I am racing for #1 on 2 bikes and have been training for a year for the GRANDS in less than 2 weeks! I have won 16 National Titles, 2 Gold Cup Championships, and am State Champion on both bikes in my age group! I train nearly every day and after the weight loss, I needed LOTS of muscle to go faster. The Egg Whites have helped me put on 20 pounds of muscle since I started BMX. I was a little worried at first about the scale, but I look soooooo much better, go faster on my bike, and am STILL a size 2! Thank you Egg Whites International for helping me achieve my goal of racing to become #1!!!! xoxoxo"

-Andrea Libich Jersey / BMX Champion

Jordan Loiodice - I Now Look To Egg Whites International!

"Health an Fitness is my passion and ever since I was a young kid, I have always found myself lifting weights and exercising. I have recently started bodybuilding after suffering numerous injuries that have ended my football college football career. I now look to Egg Whites International for the support and help I need to reach my goals and dreams. I am 100% confident that with this company behind me, my success as a bodybuilder will reach new levels. Thanks!"

-Jordan Loiodice / Athlete and Bodybuilder

Tiffany Sawyer - Truly Blessed!

"I've been an athlete from a young age competing in collegiate level and junior Olympic fast-pitched softball. About 4 years ago I found a new passion that aligned with staying fit and healthy, CrossFit. For the past 4 years I trained primarily through Crossfit and in January 2014 I joined Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness Team to train for my first NPC Bikini competition. Four months later I competed in my first show at The Vancouver Classic in WA state and took 1st in my class and 2nd overall.

I was generously awarded a half gallon of Egg Whites International and I began using it immediately to help prepare for 4 more upcoming shows in the next couple months, including USA's in Vegas. From April-July I took home 1st place in 3 out of 4 shows, including 1 overall and placed 16th out of 33 at my first national show. I was honored to be featured in the August edition of Oxygen Magazine's "Future of Fitness" section. Without the proper tools, coaching, and nutrition none of this would have been possible. I am grateful for the opportunity and truly blessed to be a part of the Fit Chicks Egg Team!!! "

-Tiffany Sawyer / NPC Bikini Competitor, Save Fitness Athlete & Coach, Model

Casey Tiefenwerth - The Only Product I Will Use!

"Egg Whites International has quickly become my go-to source for an effortless addition of protein to my meals. Whether I'm thickening up smoothies in the morning, or making an egg white omelette for lunch or dinner, Egg Whites International is THE ONLY product I will use.

When I started preparing for my first bodybuilding competition, I was buying carton after carton of egg whites from the supermarket. The taste of supermarket egg whites overwhelmed whatever meal I was making, and not in a good way. Luckily, a friend of mine clued me in to Egg Whites International and I haven't looked back! Now they have a competitor/customer (who is going to nationals!) for life!"

- Casey Tiefenwerth / Masters in Social Work and NAFC Certified Nutrition Coach

Kori Wagner - The Product Itself is Awesome!

"Egg Whites International is a very convenient source of protein and the product itself is awesome! Since each pump is an oz I dont need to measure it and the egg whites cook up nice and fluffy :) or if they go in a shake, my shake is nice and smooth! "

- Kori Wagner / Fitness Competitor

Daniel Huges - Convienent Way to Get That Protein!

"We all know that Eggs are a staple in any bodybuilding diet. I am no different. Each morning I eat eggs no matter if I'm dieting or in the "off season". Eggs provide an excellent source of protein that is well tolerated my most and highly bioavailable.

The egg white products from Egg Whites International provide a convenient way to get that needed protein for muscle fuel. I especially enjoy the added creaminess it adds to my protein shakes. I simply add half water and half egg whites to a shaker with protein powder. This results in a "milk shake" texture that is awesome. Plus it adds extra protein from another source other than whey."

- Daniel Huges / Bodybuilding Competitor

Tyler Rabin - I Love Using Egg Whites International!

"My name is Tyler Rabin and I am a strongman competitor. I love using egg whites international in my shakes because it has so much clean protein in them and also saves me on my protein powder so I don't have to use as much. The egg whites are an easy convenience especially with the pump.

I feel like using the egg whites its helped me keep lean muscle and get rid of that extra unwanted fat. Especially being a personal trainer it's hard for me to squeeze meals in between clients and hitting my protein numbers for the day so having your egg whites have made my life so much easier."

- Tyler Rabin / Strong Man Competitor and Personal Trainer

Barry Thames - You Guys Are The Best!

"I started using Egg Whites International last year as part of my pre-contest diet since then it has become a part of my regular diet (my daily source of protein). I love mixing it with juice or a smoothie in the morning. Since using this product I am able to maintain my lean muscle mass and keep my body fat percentage below 10! Thanks Eggs Whites International you guys are the BEST!"

- Barry Thames / IFBB Pro MPD

Melissa Rossi-Jaurigue - Thanks So Much!

"After gaining almost 50 lbs with my pregnancies, I decided enough was enough and I wanted to "GET FIT"!!! As busy mom of 2 boys under 5, and a border line vegetarian, I LOVED Egg Whites International because they were quick, easy and they helped me keep my protein up without having to consume a ton of meat!!! I decided to compete in Master Bikini over 35 and took first place! Thanks so much Egg Whites International!!!!!"

- Melissa Rossi-Jaurigue / Tanji Jonhson Classic Masters Bikini 1st Place Winner

Devin Rohrbacher - Your Egg Whites Always Work Perfect!

"I use your egg whites for breakfast, my third meal, and right before bed. I always add a little sugar free chocolate syrup to add that chocolate flavor to them. Your egg whites always work perfect for a quick meal when I'm at work and can't take a full meal break I'll just slam a serving and get right back to work. Not to mention, egg whites have always been my favorite part of my meals. "

- Devin Rohrbacher / Bodybuilding Competitor

Helen Earls - Provided Me a Great Option!

"Egg whites are always part of my daily and competition diet! Unlike most people I'm sure, I hate eating eggs! I just don't like the taste and I never have. Egg Whites International has provided me a great option as I am able to get all of the benefits of "eating" eggs by drinking them! And the best part is I don't even taste them. One of my favorite diet meals has become my morning breakfast smoothie made with egg whites!"

- Helen Earls / 1st Place NPC Maxfit Classic Novice and 2nd Place Open divisions

Heather Jones - Amazing Addition to My Diet!

"Egg Whites International has proven to be an amazing addition to my diet! I am a 41-year old mother of two boys that strives to maintain a lean physique 365 days of the year! There is no on or off season for me! As a former figure competitor and current fitness model, I have to ALWAYS be in shape! I could be called for a photoshoot at anytime. Incorporating EWI into my daily food program has been a godsend. Adding it to my shakes, scrambling them, baking with them... knowing that I no longer have to buy dozens of eggs, only to throw away all of the yolks is a huge plus!

My 2 year old is VERY picky and a carboholic! I can add EWI into anything and he won't notice that I am sneaking in the vital protein that his little growing body needs! I am in love with the taste and consistancy EWI creates for my protein shakes now! Egg Whites International is a MUST in any diet where leaness, muscle growth/maintanence and providing your body with the best protein available are your #1 goals!"

- Heather Jones / Figure Competitor and Fitness Model