Great Job Chris!

Chris LaCascia lost a total of 130 lbs in only 9 months by drinking Egg Whites International for 3 of his 6 daily meals.

Chris has since won the Amateur Heavy Weight Division of the 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Bodybuilding Show and was Overall Champion at the 2005 Sandra Wickham Classic!

Lou Ferrigno - We Are Huge Fans!

"What would the Ferrigno Family be without protein - Egg Whites especially? We are a unit that strives for excellence in exercise and eating right. We only associate ourselves with products and people that we believe in. We are huge fans of Egg Whites International. Pure protein always shipped out the next day. Mac and the team have the best product around..."

-Lou Ferrigno / Mr. Universe (2x), Mr. America / Actor

Bob Cicherillo - Best Protein Source You Can Find!

"As a professional Bodybuilder, Egg Whites are essential to my diet and preparation. When I discovered Egg Whites International in 2002, I knew it was going to change my life by saving me thousands of hours cracking and separating 2 - 3 dozen egg whites a day. And, when I cooked them, I knew I was losing about 12% of the protein by damaging part of it in the cooking process. Now that I can drink them, I am getting 12% "MORE" protein in a lot less time and work than it takes to cook, eat, and clean up."

- Bob Cicherillo / IFBB PRO, Mr. USA, Mr. World, Masters World Champion / Spokesman

Gunter Schlierkamp - Egg Whites International in All My Shakes!

"Hi my name is Gunter Schlierkamp and I am using Egg Whites International in all my shakes (morning, noon, evening). This way I need only half of the protein powder and I add some serious nutrition to my body. I don't get bloated and my body uses the Egg Whites to a 100%. The Egg Whites and the protein powder combined give me even a more complete protein. I even think I stay leaner that way!"

- Gunter Schlierkamp / IFBB PRO / Mr. Universe / Actor

Iris Kyle - Best Darn Egg Whites Ever!

"The core of my first meal always consists of egg whites. Before being introduced to Egg Whites International, I figured all egg whites taste the same with similar benefits. So, going for a particular product was the furthest thing from my mind. Now, I can not vision "Ever" using any other brand. I'd rather go without than settle for less. They can be mixed in a shake without having to use a blender, and the ultimate benefit is the amount of Pure Protein you receive. If you're lacking in your Protein intake and you're looking for more, look no further - Egg Whites International is your final stop.

Do not procrastinate, I guarantee, you will thank me later. I have no personal gain in sharing, and I never advise others to consume anything unless I truly know first-hand that it's worth it. And Egg Whites International is truly that and more. Thanks Egg Whites International for the Best Darn Egg Whites 'Ever' !"

- Iris Kyle / Ms. Olympia (7x), Ms. International (5x)

Clark Bartram - You Will Be Amazed!

"I've been using egg whites from Egg Whites International since the early 90's! I truly believe this product is something every serious fitness enthusiast needs to get their hands on. Even if fitness isn't what you do for a living, and you just want convenience then Egg Whites are exactly what you need. Do yourself a favor and at least try them mixed with your favorite flavored protein powder... you will be amazed at how good the taste is."


Toney Freeman - I Use One Cup In Every Shake!

"I've been using Egg Whites International since 2004, following my pro rookie season. I was competing in the 250s, and at 6'2" I needed some new muscle very badly. In the first 30 days of using these Liquid Egg Whites in my protein drinks, I lost 3 lbs of body fat and gained 5 lbs of lean body mass.

Now I use one cup in every one of my shakes. Egg Whites International makes my favorite Protein drinks more bio-available allowing me to continue to make gains even though I'm now in my forties! I'm a lean 300 lbs in the off-season and a ripped 285 lbs on stage! Egg Whites International are a quick, easy way to increase and improve daily protein intake without increasing food volume!"

- Toney Freeman / IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Cathy LeFrancois - Essential For The Serious Bodybuilder!

"I've been using your Egg Whites since 2000. They are the first thing I eat every morning because I like good diet food. I also mix them with protein powder for a great high-protein snack. There's no better way to prepare for a show than to use them in my diet to build muscle and lose fat!"

- Cathy LeFrancois / IFBB Pro

Mike Weitzman - I Wouldn't Use Any Other Source!

"JD, It was good talking to you today. Here is a pic of me from last fall. I weighed in at 230lbs and am 5'8". Hoping to be a bit bigger this year. I love your egg whites! They are perfect, taste great and super convenient! I start everyday with 1 cup with my oatmeal. I wouldn't use any other source for quality egg whites."

- Mike Weitzman / Bodybuilding Competitor

LTC Douglas Dwayne Mathis - I Utilize Egg Whites International All Year!

"I am a board certified radiologist and professional natural bodybuilder. I utilize the products from Egg Whites International as an essential, daily tool to fuel my workouts, reduce my body fat below 3%, and enhance my total health. While competing in the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation at 43 years old, I have won TWO different certifications to compete as a natural professional bodybuilder in the International Fitness and Physiques Association within the past 14 months. The first “pro-card” is the Master’s Division which encompasses athletes ages 40 and over; the overall pro-card allows me to compete against athletes potentially 10-20 years my junior.

As a natural bodybuilder I utilize Egg Whites International egg whites all year round to build mass and maintain leaness."

- LTC Douglas Dwayne Mathis, MD / Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Tomas de la Milera - All I Need To Stay Lean!

"As a 48 year old ANA/IPNA Bodybuilding Competitor, nothing is more important then 'Meal-Planning'. As a natural bodybuilder, I am not given the leisure to eat freely through my non-competitive days. Eating clean is a way of life for me through out the year. That's when Egg Whites International comes into play. Making it a part of my food preparation, 3x out of my 5 to 6 meals a day, is all I need to stay lean throughout the year. And when it comes to a protein shake before bed, it's bye bye Casein and hello Egg Whites International!"

-Tomas de la Milera / 2010 So. California Natural Novice Tall Class Champion

Devon Schwan - Egg Whites International Is The Way To Go!

"I have been using Egg Whites International as part of my off-season and pre-contest diet for as long as I can remember. There is no easier way to get clean, great tasting quality protein. If you're still slaving away cracking, and separating, dozens of eggs every day... trust me Egg Whites International is the way to go!"

- Devon "The Savage" Schwan / NPC National Bodybuilder / Personal Trainer / Model / Actor

Phillip Placko - Thanks Guys!

"I just had to tell you how fantastic your product is. I was having trouble loosing bodyfat until I replaced regular eggs with your liquid egg whites. Then I lost fat and still gained mass. I was just in my first bodybuilding competition at age 41 and took 2nd place in novice and 2nd in masters. You guys rock and my friends are enjoying your product now as well!"

- Phillip Placko / Bodybuilding Competitor

Brian M. Parks - A Superior Product !

"I'm a fitness model but as I have gotten older, definition is harder to come by. I replaced my 10am shake with an Egg Whites International omelet and in my last shake before bed I used your egg whites instead of milk.

Within 3 weeks, there was a huge difference in my body and without changing my workout schedule I was able to adjust my meals with the egg whites and see a dramatic change. I do eat plenty of breakfast omelette's as well as breakfast for dinner several times a month. And why not? The egg whites are easy to prepare and convenient with the pump. On top of that, I know exactly what I am getting and what the nutrient count is that is going into my body.

Thanks again for such a superior product and always wonderful customer service!

- Brian M. Parks / Fitness Model

Brian Ball - I Love Egg Whites International!

"I've been using Egg Whites International regularily for several years. They are the best source of Egg White Protein and I add them to just about everything I eat or drink to keep a nice steady supply of protein always available and working in my body at all times - I love Egg Whites International!"

- Brian Ball

Timothy J. Godfrey - My Whole Family Drinks It!

"After cracking and separating thousands of egg whites, we found your product in MaxMuscle and have been hooked ever since. The quality is phenominal. The taste is great. My whole family drinks it... including the dog!"

- Timothy J. Godfrey

Mandingo Kirby - Workouts And Strength Have Increased!

"Since the first time that I've tried EGG WHITES INTERNATIONAL, I knew I was on to something great! Ez to digest, no bloat feeling like I'd get from most protein powders, my workouts and strength have increased! My pumps look and feel harder! Clean protein is hard to come by! Thanks guys!!"

- Mandingo Kirby

Greg Ferrer - I Love The Product!

"I've been on Egg Whites International for about three months. I love the product!!! It's an excellent way to get your protein with out the carbs. The week I started taking it I saw a huge change in my muscle vascularity causing fulness and definition at the same time! I've been bodybuilding about 9 months and I'm age 20."

- Greg Ferrer

Jason Bauer - Customer For Life!

"Once I tried the product from Egg Whites Int, I was hooked. Hands down the best and most convenient way to get the best quality protein at a fraction of the cost of other products. Since I have used this product my back development has increased dramatically. I am a customer for life."

- Jason Bauer / Personal Trainer

Gunnar Swanson - Losing BodyFat Soooo Easy!

"I just wanted to let you know how great your egg whites are. I use them during dieting to make omlettes twice a day. They're fast and easy to cook, and delicious to eat. I wouldn't think of dieting down without them ever again! Quite simply, they make losing bodyfat soooo easy!!! Thanks for producing this product!"

- Gunnar Swanson

- Gunnar Swanson Pablo Garcia - I Lost 80 Pounds!

"I started using egg whites international when I was 300 pounds in my meal replacement shakes. Currently I weigh 220 pounds at 10%BF, I lost 80 pounds, and I use a cup and a half of your product as my first meal of the day and now its helping me lose fat weight and gain it in lean muscle mass!"

- Pablo Garcia